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Fu, C, et al. Clin Cancer Res 7: 4182-4194 Fu, C, et al. Clin Cancer Res 7: 4182-4194

This research paper describes the discovery of HP59, the tumor capillary lectin marker that is the target of the Group B Streptococcal toxin (GBS Toxin), CM101, the etiologic agent for "Early Onset Disease", and the biological that targets tumor neovasculature.

HP59 Wikipedia Page HP59 Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia page describing HP59, fully referenced.

Phase I Clinical Safety Trial for CM101


DeVore RF, Hellerqvist CG, Wakefield GB, Wamil BD, Thurman GB, Minton PA, Sundell HW, Yan H-P,

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CM101. J Clin Canc Res, 3, 365-372 (1997).

Review on angiogenesis-vasculogenesis


Vasculogenic mimicry and tumour-cell plasticity: lessons from melanoma

Mary J. C. Hendrix, Elisabeth A. Seftor, Angela R. Hess & Richard E. B. Seftor

Nature Reviews Cancer 3411-421 (2003)